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Sunset Delight
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Sunset Delight is a summer dream, overlooking a stretch of ocean from the comfort of land - with three ice cream cones perched on the handrail. On top of the cones we have three scoops of ice cream which make up the reels for this game. The symbols feature a range of delicious lumps of ice cream, where there is the dream flavor for everyone. Starting off we have Purple, Orange, Pink and Yellow for our plain options, but the more interesting ones feature a strawberry swirl with chocolate number 7's pushed into the sides. The two most desirable symbols are the double chocolate chip BAR scoop and then the simple pink with blue decorative W to represent the Wild symbol.

Sunset Delight
Sunset Delight

Having a Wild scoop dropped onto the top of your cone can substitute for most of the symbols on the reels and can assist you in finding winning combinations. The Wild symbol can also award a payout if they fill an entire payline. There is one symbol that has not been mentioned yet, a Wafer that acts as the scatter symbol and can award the Bonus Game for this slot. Once the bonus game is in action, there are two main symbols you want to be on the lookout for the Step and Spin Wafers - the Spin will add an additional Free Spin and the Step will increase the multiplier by 1. Build your dream Ice Cream in Sunset Delight and get the summer feel - all year round!

Game Rules and Settings

Sunset Delight is a 3-reel by 3-row slot featuring Wild symbols, Multipliers and Free Spins.

The game is played with 5 bet lines, 1-10 bet levels.

A game round is started with the action button and plays the game with the selected bet level.

No bets can be altered during a game round.

Autoplay plays the game automatically for the number of game rounds selected in the auto play page.

All pay line wins during a game round are added and presented at the end of the game round.

All wins are presented and paid out in the selected currency.

Wild Symbols substitute for all other symbols except the Scatter symbol.

The scatter symbols are overlay symbols and will appear on top of other symbols.

Main game scatter symbol; 3 scatters will trigger the bonus game.

Bonus Game: The Bonus Game features Free Spins, Step Scatter, Spin Scatter and a Bet Multiplier.

Bonus Game Bet Multipliers: The Bet Multiplier win amount is calculated as bet times bet multiplier.

Bonus Game Step Scatter Symbol: For each Step Scatter that appears, the bet multiplier will increase by 1.

Bonus Game Spin Scatter Symbol: For each Spin Scatter that appears, 1 additional Free Spin is awarded.

Once all Free Spins have been played, the player will return to the main game.

To set advanced autoplay options click AUTO in the game panel.

Auto play plays the game automatically for the number of game rounds selected in the auto play page.

On any win. Stop Autoplay when you win in a round.

Note: If you are disconnected while playing, all Autoplay settings will return to default when you reload the game.

Sound effects. Turn on or off sound effects played for events.

Note: Some casinos may operate without all of the listed game settings.

Note: Some autoplay options are mandatory for some jurisdictions.

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