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Divine Fortune
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Divine Fortune is a Greek Mythology themed slot game, filled with aesthetic animations. Find yourself matching up character tiles such as, Zeus, Medusa and mythical creatures. Immerse yourself within this mystic realm, earning free spins, stacking wild re-spins and creating wild-on-wild combos.

Divine Fortune
Divine Fortune

Landing on a character symbol triggers a coin reward based multiplying based on surrounding tiles. Divine Fortune has many mythical symbols, including Unicorn Wilds, Zeus themed Free Spins and collectable coin symbols system which tally up across spins to enter you into the Jackpot BONUS mode! Let your magical imagination run wild and strike your fortune with a bolt from Zeus!

Game Rules and Settings

Divine Fortune is a 5-reel, 3-row, 20-line video slot featuring Wild subsitutions, Falling Wilds Re-Spins, a Wild on Wild feature, Free Spins and a Jackpot Bonus gamemode.

The game is played with 1-10 bet levels set using the LEVEL selector.

The coin value is set using the COIN VALUE selector.

COINS shows the number of coins available to wager by the player.

AUTOPLAY automatically plays the game for the selected number of rounds.

The Wild symbol subsitition pays the highest possible winning combination based on the Paytable definition.

Only the highest win per bet line is paid.

Bet lin wins pay only if in succession from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel.

Simultaneous wins on different bet lines are added.

Coin wins pay on bet lines only, except for wins during the Jackpot Bonus mode.

Wild symbols subsitute all symbols excluding Free Spin and Bonus symbols.

Once a Wild symbol appears and has paid out all bets for that spin, each Wild symbol shifts down one row and a Fall Wilds Re-Spin is awarded, in both the main game and Free Spins.

Wild symbols contrinue to activate re-spins until they disapear off the reels, the re-spin is still awarded on the round where the last Falling Wild symbol falls off the reels.

Additional Falling Wilds can be awarded during a Falling Wilds Re-Spin.

Bonus symbols and Free Spins can not appear during a Falling Wilds Re-Spin, nor do they appear during Free Spins.

Free Spins and the Jackpot Bonus game can be won during a Falling Wilds Re-Spin.

The Falling Wild Re-Spins are played at the same bet level and coin value as the spin which activated the Re-Spin.

Present in the Main game and Free Spins, the Wild on Wild feature is activated when a Wild symbol lands on a Falling Wild.

When the Wild on Wild feature is in play, the affected Wild symbol will expand to cover the entire reel it landed in and all bet wins are awarded to the player for that spin. The Wild symbol will then shift down on position on the reel and the Falling Wilds Re-Spins will start with 2 Falling Wilds on the reel.

If three or more Free Spin symbols appear in the same spin as a Wild symbol, the Falling Wild Re-Spins won in the round that activated Free Spins are played after the Free Spins has completed.

In the main game, if three or more Bonus symbols have been collected after the final spin of a round, including all Falling Wilds Re-Spins, the Jackpot Bonus game starts.

Three or more Free Spins symbols appearing anywhere across the reels within the main game, activate Free Spins according to the Paytable.

Additional Free Spins can not be won during Free Spins.

Free Spins are played in the same bet level and coin value as the round they are activated in.

At the end of Free Spins, the game is returned to the round which activated the Free Spins.

In Free Spins, any Wild symbol landing on the reels becomes a Wild on Wild, which automaticall expands to cover the entire reel.

The Jackpot Bonus game is activated when three or more Bonus symbols are collected in the main game.

The collected Bonus symbols are randomyl paced on the reels before the start of the Jackpot Bonus game.

The Jackpot Bonus game has 15 independent reels, each spinning individually.

Each Bonus symbol has a random coin win value of 10-200 x bet level.

The player starts the level with three spins. When a bonus symbol lands, the number of spins resets back to three.

Once the player has used all spins, the Jackpot Bonus game concludes and the wins are awarded.

A Jackpot can be won during the Jackpot Bonus Game.

If an entire row is filled from left to right with Bonus symbols, the Minor Jackpot is won. the Minor Jackpot awards 20 x the bet placed in the round that activated the Jackpot Bonus game.

If two entire rows are filled with Bonus symbols, The Major Jackpot is won. the Major Jackpot awards 100 x the bet placed in the round that activated the Jackpot Bonus game.

If all three rows are filled with Bonus symbols, the Mega, progressive Jackpot is won.

The chance to win the Mega progressive Jackpot Bonus correlate positively with the bet size.

The Mega Jackpot is a progressive jackpot, where everytime the game is played by a player, a portion of the bet is added to the Mega Jackpot.

At the end of the Jackpot Bonus game, the total win from the Jackpot Bonus game is added to any wins from the round that activated the Jackpot Bonus game.

If the Jackpot Bonus game is activated during Autoplay, Autoplay with automatically stop. The Jackpot Bonus game cannot be played automatically.

Jackpot values displayed in the game are delayed around 30 seconds. In the event of a rare occasion, two players win the Jackpot at the same time, the second player will recieve the newly seeded Jackpot value.

All players playing the game when a Jackpot is won, any other players within the game will recieve a notification.

The Jackpot counter might be displayed in a different currency to the one you are playing in. If you win a Jackpot and are playing casino games with a different currency, the amount own is converted to your currency and added to your account.

Game Sounds: Tap the speaker button to toggle sound on or off.

To Access the game settings, click the spanner icon in the game panel.

Quick Spin: Turns the Quick spin option on or off (not available in all casinos).

Spacebar to Spin: Turns the spacebar function on or off.

To set advanced autoplay options click AUTOPLAY, and then click Advanced Settings.

On Any Win: Stop Autoplay when you win a round.

If Free Spins is Won: Stops Autoplay if Free Spins in won.

If Single Win Exceeds: Stops Autoplay when the amount ou win exceeds or equals an amount specified.

If Cash increases by: Stops Autoplay if cash increases by the amount specified.

If Cash decreases by: Stops Autoplay if cash decreases by the amount specified.

Click Reset to clear all selected Stop Autoplay options.

Note: When changing Autoplay settings during a game round, all settings will take effect once the round has finished.

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