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If this review seems very similar to our review of Gold Spins, it is because there is very little difference between the 2 casinos, other than the name, logo, and colour scheme. They are essentially the same casino, so the review is also essentially the same. Ugambling certainly wont hold it against the management of Huge Slots & Gold Spins for going down this route, as many popular gadgets have proven that selling the same thing in a different colour is a successful sales tactic. So, is Huge Slots a worthwhile online casino to frequent, regardless of the colour scheme you choose?


Well start by saying that were actually big fans of the interface for Huge Slots/Gold Spins. The designers clearly decided to play it safe, and the result is something that instantly feels familiar and intuitive. A straight forward main menu sits above a promotional image advertising the latest promotions and games, while a very clear game category menu sits vertically to the left.

The games themselves, appear beneath the promotional image as a grid of 4 columns wide. To say that these casinos were easy to navigate around would be an understatement. The mobile and tablet interfaces are similarly easy to use, although, for some reason, the games categories seem to disappear. It feels like were taking a step back in time with the mobile interfaces for both casinos, but it still works, just without some of the more modern design aspects weve become accustomed to.

Huge Slots
Huge Slots

So, what, if any, are the differences between Huge Slots and Gold Spins, interface wise? Well, Gold Spins places the progressive jackpot total between the logo and login buttons, while Huge Slots places it below the main menu but above the game categories. Also; Huge Slots has a Games of the Month box, whereas Gold Spins has nothing similar at all.

Oh, and Gold Spins has a background image consisting of nothing but stars, while Huge Slots has a planet (possibly Earth, but not confirmed) in the background. Is there a deeper meaning to all this? Who knows?


This is one area where both casinos are exactly the same, so well suspend the use of Huge Slots & Gold Spins for the moment in favour of simply using these casinos. As their names suggest, there is certainly a bias towards slots (well, spins could refer to roulette as well), and the selection of slots is impressive enough.

Players will find all the latest slots from the big name games providers, and it is very clear to see which slots are linked to progressive jackpots. Sadly, there werent any exclusive slots to be found at these casinos, but we would probably be being greedy by expecting more slots.

The excellent selection of slots is complemented by a good selection of classic casino games, and a small selection of live dealer games. Its funny how different games seem to stand out on different casinos and, in the case of these casinos, it was Red Dog Progressive which seemed to stand out the most, here. By stand out, we mean that it has one of the most horrific looking dog faces weve ever seen as the logo. Terrible logo aside it was actually a fun game to play.


As this review has already made clear; Huge Slots and Gold Spins are essentially the same online casino, so the chances are that your money is going into the same pot, regardless of which one you deposit with. This isnt an issue, of course, as these casinos provide a selection of safe and secure payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals.

Minimum values for deposit and withdrawals are £/€10 and £/€20 respectively, and these can be processed through many popular methods such as credit/debit card, Skrill, Neteller, and PaySafe Card.

Players will be required to pass identity verification checks prior to making any withdrawal, however; the process of verifying Ugamblings details was incredibly quick and easy. Our account was verified within 24 hours of submitting the documents. The actual payment was received into our Neteller account within 72 hours of passing the verification check which, while not as fast as some casinos, was still an acceptable time period.

All the terms and conditions attached to deposits and withdrawals seemed to be in order, although players at Huge Slots/Gold Spins may wish to note that jackpot wins in excess of £/€250,000 may take up to 30 days to be paid to the player. Weve yet to win this sort of money ourselves but can imagine the 30 day wait to be frustrating for those lucky few players.

Customer Service

Heres where the link between Huge Slots and Gold Spins really does become clear as if it wasnt already blindingly obvious enough. Click on the live chat button on one casino, while both casinos are open in separate tabs, and it will be activated for both. On a plus note within less than 5 seconds of clicking the live chat button, a chap called Marcello quickly appeared to help us. Email support is also available.


Who wants casino bonuses, then? Well, hopefully not you, since youve read our advice about most promotions being poor value for money. Despite our numerous warnings, there are still a large number of players who are looking for big casino bonuses, so wed be doing you a disservice if we did not at least acknowledge the promotions available in Huge Slots/Gold Spins. There are promotions.

Click Here Click Here

Not enough? Well, we suggest you click on the link to the casino for full details on the current promotions, however we will say that, at the time of writing, at least, the promotions available to players at Huge Slots/Gold Spins were very much comparable to other casinos on the market. The term unlimited may also have been used to describe some of the promotions.


Two equally good casinos, are fortunate enough to share 2 equally good gaming licenses. Those licenses we are referring to are, of course, the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority licenses which do a fantastic job of giving players a degree of protection from rogue casinos. Think of these licenses as a seal of approval for a casinos trustworthiness.


We had to double-check the title of this review to remind us which casino it applies to. Regardless of whether youre playing at Huge Slots or Gold Spins, Ugambling is more than happy to report that both online casinos provide a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience, accessible through a remarkably simple interface, which ensures there are no distractions from the gambling action. Why not sign up to both casinos, and play on them based on the weather? The bright colours of Gold Spins for sunny days, and the darker, moody colours of Huge Slots for rainy days.


Great slots selection
Responsive live chat service
Less writing to do over the 2 reviews


Nothing new or unique
Small selection of live dealer games
Essentially one casino with two different names

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