Slot Planet Casino Review

Space, according to a popular sci-fi TV show, is the final frontier. Few online casinos have braved this exciting expanse of limitless possibilities, which is why Slot Planet has piqued Ugambling’s interest. Managed by a casino operator that offers little in the way of variation across its portfolio, we decided to send a landing party to see if there was any life on Slot Planet. It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for Ugambling.


For a casino called “Slot Planet”, is seems that very little action takes place on the planet itself – with most of the theming suggesting that we are floating around in space as opposed to being on the planetary equivalent of Las Vegas. Still, the retro sci-fi feel is very satisfying, and it looks like a lot of attention has been put into ensuring this online casino stands-out from the crowd, looks-wise.

In-terms of a layout, we find an ever-present main menu along the left side of the screen with a list of “shooting stars” (winners) extending below it. This gives the feeling of having a lot more screen space devoted to sifting through the games and promotions, which is very satisfying – space is quite expansive, after all. Any sub menus pop-up on the right side of the screen, which, although seeming a little disjointed, also gives Slot Planet a unique feel.

Unfortunately, the quest to give Slot Planet a more unique feeling doesn’t always pay-off, as can be seen when accessing it on a mobile or tablet device. In an unusual move, the main menu on a mobile device appears at the bottom of the page, which felt very unintuitive. There was also far too much scrolling left and right to access sub-menu items and brows games. Perhaps this alien layout was intentional, but we prefer the more familiar home comforts on a mobile device.


There is a respectable, though far from unique, selection of game available to play in slot planet. As the name suggests, there is a particular focus on slot games, and players will find all the major titles available to play, from many of the best gaming providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Evolution. There should be enough choice for all but the pickiest of players.

As is common for casinos in this group, the selection of classic casino and live dealer games is lacking when compared to other casinos, but the casino’s call “Slot Planet” and not “Live Dealer Planet”. There’s probably a big enough selection if you have a passing interest in non-slots games but, otherwise, you’d be better served by other casinos.

Finding your favourite game is easy enough, with a search function (bizarrely missing from some casinos), a category list, and a “providers” filter. Narrowing your search to a specific category is a little awkward, as you have to hit a ‘back’ button prior to being able to switch categories.


Fortunately for Ugambling, Slot Planet still accept standard Earth payment methods. There is a minimum deposit requirement of £/€10 and a minimum withdrawal requirement of £/€20, and all the popular payment/withdrawal methods can be found – from credit/debit card, to Skrill, Neteller, and PaySafe.

Prior to any withdrawal being approved, players are required to verify their identity, which is becoming standard practice among most reputable casinos, these days. Our documents were approved within 24-hour and, after a short pending period, our money arrived in our bank account within 2 days. Slot Planet is clearly not hostile to Earthlings.

Customer Service

After taking time to explore the games on offer at Slot Planet, we decided it was time to have our own “close encounter” with the casino support team. There is a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week live chat option available, and Ugambling found the response time to be very quick – around 10 seconds when we contacted them on a weekday evening. The live chat is complimented by a useful FAQ section, so those players who do not wish to interact with the natives of Slot Planet should be able to find answers to all but the most obscure questions.

Unfortunately, the Slot Planet society is far too advanced (or backwards) to provide telephone support, but that is hardly uncommon, even for Earth-bound online casinos.


Any seasoned planetary explorer knows better than to accept most casino bonuses and free spins, as there are often many hidden dangers lurking in the dark corners of the terms and conditions. Ugambling prefers to play it safe by gambling only with our own money, so that we may withdraw any winnings with no strings attached.

For visitors to Slot Planet who are brave enough to accept a bonus; they are well-advised to check the terms and conditions – particularly for the wagering requirements (35 times the combined value of the deposit and bonus), and the 30-day limit during which a bonus may be used.

The selection of promotions, while not out of this world, are certainly in-line with many other online casinos, so players looking to scratch their bonus itch should be perfectly satisfied with what’s available. One particular promotion which stood-out at the time of writing was the “Ladies Day” promotion, which rewards players irrespective of gender. We’re not really sure why it is called “Ladies Day” but it’s probably more eye-catching than “Generic Bonus Day”.


While we are not sure if Slot Planet is a member of the planetary federation, we can happily confirm that it is licenses by 2 of the most respecting gabling regulators in the galaxy – namely the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Player at this online casino can rest safe in the knowledge that these prestigious licenses ensure a fair and safe gaming environment and should certainly consider Slot Planet over casinos with lesser gaming licenses.


When submitting our final report to Star Command, we will note that Slot Planet has an atmosphere which is supportive to gaming life, with friendly, welcoming locals. This online casino is clearly built by an intelligent race, who have access to all the latest, if not the most exotic, slots. We really enjoyed the branding of this casino, and there really were some unique features in the interface – some more useful than others.



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